Mr. Divit Sehgal & Mrs. Seema Madan's Feedback

Welcome to another feedback. This is the feedback of a Yoga students and his mother. Divit Sehgal have participated in District, State, National and International Yoga Competitions. Here is have shared his views and experience during the competitions and about yoga education.
In addition to her conversation her mother Mrs. Seema Madam came front to share her views about yoga education, yoga professionalism and the drawbacks which she have seen in yoga. We appreciate her endeavour to raise voice against the injustice and to improve yoga from roots.   

Watch Live Conversation with Mr. Divit Sehgal and Her Mother Mrs. Seema Madan.

Major Topics Mrs. Seema Madan talk about.

  1. Government must appoint yoga teachers in school instead of physical teachers are teaching yoga. Which is most harmful as little knowledge can dangerous.
  2. There should be complaint panel in every competition and which must be authentic friendly.
  3. GYMs, Yoga centres without yoga professionals must be shut down.
  4. Every yoga teachers must be registered by government of india as other doctors are.
  5. Government must take action against non professional yoga teachers those have no academic  qualification in yoga.