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Welcome to Yog Front of India's Registration Form. This form is to get registered with Yog Front Family. Please check the details required in form and fill with your latest information only.

Entry Form

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Important Details

  • Please note that we are not taking any donation or fees for joining, so if someone asks for fees to join you, then in reality, he is not a member of the Yoga Front family, and do not give any kind of money to anyone.
  • There is a need for tenacity and investment in doing any work, but Yoga Front does not take any kind of investment directly or indirectly. As mentioned earlier that this is a family, so everyone has to work on their own. Where or whenever there is a need to increase work, donations can be collected with the consent of everyone, whose information will be shared in the Telegram Group in advance.
  • The information of this registration form, mainly for contacting information can be shared in the Assistant of our Yoga Front so that more and more people can reach the members of this family.
  • With the information given in this form, in future we will also provide you employment opportunities, so share only the exact information which does not change otherwise you will be deprived of the support of this family.
  • Please do not share information about your bank card, PIN etc. with anyone else, otherwise you may be cheated, in which Yoga Front will not be involved in any form. For complete information, please read our privacy policy, which we have made in Hindi for the convenience of every person.
  • All Important and official information will be published under Yog Front of India which can be seen via this link only.Yog Front. Please enssure one this that don't follow any facebook page, twitter account, Google Buiness, Whatsapp, or any other than Telegram & Hangout Group. We are only on telegram and Hangout with @Yogfront user name.