Yog Front

Welcome to community of Yog Professionals. We are here to fight against the unfair and injustice with our profession. This community is for them those have completed any Yog course from UGC approved university and real Yog lovers.

Sections we are working on

A list of the sections we are working on is given in the table below. It is our belief that if we really want to save the yoga system and its real form, then we should unite and protect it from now on, instead of saying that we are late yesterday.

Quality of Yoga Education

Quality of Yoga Education

We are working to maintain the quality of Yoga Education by promoting authentic and UGC Approved courses only, instead of QCI, YCB, RYC and Other non UGC courses by so called money making Yoga Organizations.

Transparency in Yoga competitions

Transparency in Yoga competitions

We are working to make yoga competitions fair and transparent. In which the biggest task is to rein the organizations those are organizing yoga competitions without a yoga professional and judges. Because We are getting many complaints of rigging in the yoga competition.

Human Rights of Yoga Professinals

Human Rights of Yoga Professinals

We stand with each qualified yoga professional for their rights. Every qualified yoga professional is a part of the yoga front family, the whole family will unite and fight against the injustice being done to anyone.

Employment for Yoga Professionals

Employment for Yoga Professionals

It is often seen that unprofessional people are getting a job in yoga and qualified yoga professionals have a lot of difficulty for the job. Unprofessional people are sitting in gyms, yoga studios, health centers, whose purpose is only to rob people. So, we are making a Paltefrom for the yoga jobs as well.

Coronavirus Symptoms

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Recent Work & Updates

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Joining of New Yog Front Members August 2020
Punjab going to appoint yog teachers soon.


Here You Will Find The Answers Of Your Most Asked Questions

1. What is Yog Front?

The Yoga Front of India is a movement run by qualified yoga teachers, yoga disciples and yoga lovers. The main purpose of which is to raise voice against the injustice and ignorance happening with yoga education and yoga teachers..

2. Who can join Yog Front?

This front is available for those who really love yoga. Hence, it can be joined by yoga disciples, family of yoga disciples, yoga teachers who have received education from a UGC approved university or college and great men who stand with the qualified yoga teachers..

3. What qualification should a yoga teacher have.?

In Yog Front, 'Qualified Yoga Professionals' refers to those yoga teachers and yoga therapists, who have obtained any diploma, graduation, post-graduation, M. Phil, PhD, etc. in Yoga from any UGC approved university or college.

4. Is there a fee to join Yog Front?

No, there is no fee to join this campaign. It is a joint team which runs with the cooperation and power of all. There is no any kind of fee in this system, everyone has to do different tasks at their level, which will benefit the yoga teachers and education. In simple words, we all have to become a family together and everyone in the family has to fulfill their responsibilities.

5. How to join Yog Front?

To join Yog Front, You have to follow these simple steps. First of all go to Registration page of Yog Front and fill a simple form. Then join us on official telegram group where you can check updates and dicuss problems with each others. Shere your work and reports of work done, for welfare of yog and yog professionals. We will publish most relevent content to website of yog front and discuss all concerns with government too.

6. How we are different from YCB, CCRYN and IYA??

As we have already told that Yoga Front of India is not an institution nor a private company. This is a family that is being formed only for the welfare of Yoga and Yoga teachers, Yoga disciples. Therefore, we have no directly relation with any of the above organizations. They are either government-built institutions or are operated in collaboration with the government, which are working in the influence of few people, those are far away from the reality, but the Yoga Front of India believes in reality that is why we will discuss and try to solve each problem by discussion with each other and Will raise voice when needed..

7. How can parents and disciples get involved in Yog Front??

Everyone and their ideas are priceless, with this principle we are moving forward. Yoga teachers and yoga education is a center to which each person is directly and indirectly connected. For example, if a student does not get a qualified yog teacher, untrained and illiterate people will not be able to give complete knowledge to his student, which may leads to lack in development of that student or that disciple can harm himself in any Yogic action. In the same way, uneducated yoga therapist can also harm a person by adopting wrong procedure of yoga practice. So We are connecting everyone to Yog Front to help them to elect educated yog teacher or therapist.

8. What should be boycotted to maintaining quality of Yog?

The biggest hand in destroying the quality of yoga is untrained yoga teachers, yog institutions and sports clubs running without yoga experts. Because there are many institutions those do not have any person who has received any education in Yoga from UGC approved university. Even then those institutes are organizing Yog competitions and programs, such organizations should be boycotted directly by every person. Parents and principals should do the same with teachers who are without any education in yoga.

9. How are physical education teachers and yoga teachers different?

The answer to this question is very simple and clear, it is different in the same way that an allopathic doctor is different from an Ayurvedic doctor, the principles of both are different, the procedure is different. In the same way, Yog is not just a physical activity, but physical activity is a small segment of yog, so how can one study a small fraction give complete knowledge. Therefore, the schools, colleges and gyms in which yoga is conducted by a physical trainer are exactly like a butcher given to perform a person's heart operation..